Thursday, November 6, 2008

Flashing her shaved pussy

Ok, so this place was very dirty...about a decade of bird poop piled up. But even though it was super filthy and may not seem to be the best place to shoot, it turned out pretty good. There was nobody around for a change, so finally I didn't have to worry about anyone catching me getting naked or playing around with myself. There's a lot of old equipment in this place, kind of fun to play with and pose around. I was very careful not to get cut by the big blades. This old dog racing track south of phoenix turned out a pretty good spot for some undisturbed nudes. The lengths we go to shoot in unique places!

There were a least five thousand pigeons here, all watching me strip down and act goofy. Most of the video is a video of photo shoot, with some breast sucking and me doing what I do best, acting goofy. You might notice a little bit of a disturbed look on my face, all the pigeon droppings all around me wasn't a pretty site to shoot in or walk on in heels. Good thing I didn't fall...what a mess I would have been.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Masturbating with a dildo

I get to use the rabbit vibrator that is so popular on FTV. Seems like every girl who uses it considers it her favorite toy in the FTV arsenal. I was intimidated by it for a long time but ok I will try it today. I got onto the dinner table, and got used to it at first. I like the clitoral stimulator on there, that's the best part! I soon found out how this toy makes orgasms so easy. I came pretty fast, like in 5 minutes! And as the photographer observed, I had some strong contractions visible in the video. Well it was a strong orgasm what do you expect?

The moment I saw this picture I thought 'Shirley Temple' with the curls I made. Definitely a different hair look for me, with my hair all curled up to the max it can go. My pictures are all in the dining room, mostly on the table, and I thought it best because my dress. Sort of a sexy ballroom dress & black heels for the occasion. Some photos were taken right in the middle of my masturbating, and the rest on the side of the wall where I could almost fall off! But it made for sexy pics.